pf1-1Whimsical, inventive, and profound, the tales are as vibrant and diverse as the city whose stories they tell.

Written by local authors and set in Philly, these 19 must read pieces from established and up-and-coming writers will captivate and delight you, whether you grew up in Philadelphia or have yet to make your first visit.

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Features stories by: Phyllis Carol Agins, Michael Aronovitz, B. J. Burton, Edward P. Clapp, Elise Juska, Tim Keppel, Jaime Leon Lin-Yu, Josh McIlvain, Greg November, C. Natale Peditto, Jon Petruschke, Rafael Reyna, Xavier Richardson, David Sanders, Serge Shea, Christopher Stanton, Amber Dorko Stopper, Walt Vail, Jim Zervanos.

Edited by: Josh McIlvain, Christopher Munden, Greg November, Tracy Parker.


  • “I liked every one of the tales in this anthology… Philly Fiction rocks: Buy your own copy and see.”—Philadelphia Inquirer
  • The writing sings; in ‘The Shanghai Ship to Love,’ Edward P. Clapp hilariously describes a trip on the Chinatown Express. There’s genuine emotion in Michael Aronovitz’s ‘The Big Picture’ …. In Greg November’s ‘Dinnertime at 42B,’ a loser pays a hooker for her company, but the woman isn’t pretty, and the ending isn’t Hollywood. Welcome to Philadelphia.”—Philadelphia Magazine, Best of Philly issue
  • Delish”—Philadelphia City Paper
  • “If you feel that indescribable sense of Philly pride, then this book is a must read. If others, maybe living outside the city, don’t understand your feelings, then this book is a must gift.”—Play magazine
  • “Stories that use the Philadelphia landscape, not only to highlight Philly’s literary talent … but also for the enjoyment of Philadelphians.”—Chestnut Hill Local
  • “Philadelphia stories, themes, and concerns can only be told by local writers.”—Gloucester County Times
  • I recommend this book to both Philadelphia residents and people who don’t live in Philadelphia.”—Zoe Strass
  • Philly Fiction covers all the bases in an eclectic collection that exposes the city at its worst and its best. A friend of mine recently said that Philadelphia hasn’t found its soul. I will send him this collection as Philly Fiction reveals the city’s soul with all its bumps and bruises.”—G. Emil Reutter, blog360