“A bunch of great stories from local talent.”
Philadelphia Magazine

“Each story represents how the people, the buildings, and the spirit of Philadelphia have aroused the creative energy in all kinds of storytellers – but the reader does not have to be familiar with the city in order to enjoy the stories in Philly Fiction 2…. Well worth the reasonable $12 price.”
Philadelphia Stories

“If you want to feel connected to your city in a nostalgic way then I suggest you pick yourself up a copy of Philly Fiction 2.”
—Kerri Schmanek, PMZ

“What I love about all of these stories is that they could be happening to anyone, anywhere. But there is also something uniquely Philadelphia about them and the fact that their stories take place here make them that much richer.”
—Autumn Konopka, Philly2Philly.com
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“A collection of 19 tales, Philly Fiction 2 is as varied as the city it’s set in: Elise Juska pays quiet tribute to some of the most exotic residents in “Northeast Philly Girls”; Kelly McQuain’s “Erasing Sonny” explores sexuality in South Philly; and Justin St. Germain rightfully claims the Shore in “Atlantic City.”
—Monica Weymouth, Metro
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“This collection does a wonderful job of gathering some of the area’s finest writers to conjure a vision of Philadelphia that is both realistic and touching. . . . These stories are all told with loving attention to the details that make Philadelphia all that it is — a city, a people, a home, and a character in its own right. A must-read for anyone who loves the City of Brotherly Love.”
—Marc Schuster, Small Press Books
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