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(contributors to the original Philly Fiction)

Susan Balée

Marc Bookman
“A Transcript of Auden Hope’s Last Request
Before Being Shot by the Police”

Emily Brochin
“Saul’s Bellow”

John Carroll
“Baby Blue”

Savannah Cooper-Ramsey
editorial contributor

April Dobbins
“Greetings from Lesotho”

Christine Flanagan
“Return to Ithaca”

Beth Goldner

Bill Horan
graphic design (Liberty Bells)

Elise Juska
“Northeast Philly Girls”

Jan Kargulewicz
“A Cormorant Dries its Wings”

Liz Kerr
“The Summer of Dark Shadows”

Bruce Langfeld
“Give and Take”

Christine Ma
contributing editor

Benjamin Matvey
“Piece of Mind”

Josh McIlvain

Jeff McKay
layout design advisor

Kelly McQuain
“Erasing Sonny”

Christopher Munden
editor, layout designer

Sandra Novack

Greg November

Tracy Parker

Jon Petruschke
“540 Degrees”

Joshua Roberts
“Well Liked”

Justin St. Germain
“Atlantic City”

Rachel Toliver
“Soup’s Last Stand”

Theron C. Warren
cover art and design

Annie Wilson

Scott Wiser