“The women head on out like always, in that hour when the day goes from light to dark and their kids crowd into the street to play halfball and their teenagers take off in loud cars and tight clothes and their men, if they’ve still got them, settle into the couch in front of the Phillies game and the lightning bugs fire up all over and the smells of dinners still hang like glue in the sweat-thick Philly June air.”
—Elise Juska, “The Stoop-sitters”

“If Philadelphia had a soundtrack it wasn’t a Smiths song. There were no double-decker buses, no lights that never went out. Philadelphia was one long violent film in a foreign language with subtitles that didn’t make sense — and the hum of the bus, the thump and thud of that noxious: thud thud
….thud-thud thud-thud
….That was my lullaby, all twelve dollars worth — rock-shaking me to sleep.”
—Edward P. Clapp, “The Shanghai Ship to Love”