Table of Contents


“The Stoop-Sitters” — Elise Juska

“Urban Renewal” — Tim Keppel

“Georgie” — Jim Zervanos

“The Red Truck” — Walt Vail

“The Slender Nerve” — Amber Dorko Stopper

“Dinnertime at 42B” — Greg November

“The Big Picture” — Michael Aronovitz

“Invisible Predators” — Serge Shea

“Terminal Pursuit” — Christopher Stanton

“We Are Pomegranates, We Are Apples”
— Jamie Leon Lin-Yu

“The Good Pretender” — Xavier Richardson

“Ecrasez l’infame” — Rafael Reyna

“The Veterans” — C. Natale Peditto

“Alexandra in the Middle of the Night”
— B. J. Burton

“Health Insurance and the Girl”
— Josh McIlvain

“Bragging about Annie” — Jon Petruschke

“Black and White” — Phyllis Carol Agins

“Nothing Matters” — David Sanders

“The Shanghai Ship to Love”
— Edward P. Clapp