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Phyllis Carol Agins
“Black and White”

Michael Aronovitz
“The Big Picture”

B. J. Burton
“Alexandra in the Middle of the Night”

Edward P. Clapp
“The Shanghai Ship to Love”

Elise Juska
“The Stoop-Sitters”

Tim Keppel
“Urban Renewal”

Jaime Leon Lin-Yu
“We Are Pomegranates, We Are Apples”

Josh McIlvain
Editor, “Health Insurance and the Girl”

Jeff McKay
Layout Assistance

Christopher Munden
Editor, Book Layout

Greg November 
Editor, “Dinnertime at 42B”

Tracy Parker 

C. Natale Peditto
“The Veterans”

Jon Petruschke
“Bragging About Annie”

Rafael Reyna
“Ecrasez l’infame”

Xavier Richardson
“The Good Pretender”

David Sanders
“Nothing Matters”

Serge Shea
“Invisible Predator”

Christopher Stanton
“Terminal Pursuit”

Amber Dorko Stopper
“The Slender Nerve”

Walt Vail 
“The Red Truck”

Theron C. Warren
Cover Art and Design

Jim Zervanos